Flavor Boosters

Trilogy offers a variety of Flavor Boosters that provide solutions for manufacturers of products that support healthy lifestyles. Complete lines of Flavor Boosters are available in the following categories:

Flavor Boosters: delivering the taste profile of sugar
- Natural, versatile and heat stable ingredients

  with excellent shelf life

Salt Boosters: providing authentically salty taste for reduced salt/sodium products
- Natural ingredients with no added glutamates or HVPs
- Compatible with other salt substitutes
- Water soluble
- Thermally stable

Cocoa Boosters: true cocoa that can replace or extend cocoa salts
- Stabilizes ingredient costs
- Delivers uncompromised flavor and authentic flavor

  profiles through advanced technology
- Provides desirable mouthfeel and flavor impact

Masking Modifiers and Mouthfeel Agents: complete, versatile lines
- Created from unique thermal processing combined

  with specific precursors
- Imparts no additional flavor