Emulsion Technology for beverages and liquid oral care, pharmaceutical and nutritional products

Tril-Clear™ emulsion technology is a prime example of Trilogy’s NextWave™ brand. Essentially, Tril-Clear™ is an innovative and sophisticated delivery system where oil soluble materials are easily dispersed and delivered transparently in an aqueous medium.


Tril-Clear™ emulsion technology is the result of Trilogy’s strength in colloid chemistry as applied to conventional emulsifiers, allowing us to create highly stable oil-in-water (O/W) and water-in-oil (W/O) systems. Tril-Clear™ ensures these benefits:

Enhanced shelf life and slower oxidation rate

Delivery of nutritional ingredients such as vitamin E, Omega 3s, DHA and CoQ10

Potentially higher bioavailability of nutritional ingredients

Compatible with the delivery of citrus oils, mint oils and other essential oils and colors

Complete taste from the whole ingredient, rather than partial taste through selective extraction

Kosher and Halal certified


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